Smartphone Security Issues to be Aware of today

A smartphone is basically a walking computer that lives in your pocket. Failing to protect your phone, therefore, is like letting your computer play on the Internet without any supervision at all. This is not a very good decision to make, of course. It tends to make things very difficult because you have threats coming to your smartphone, but this still tends to get ignored. Only when we can’t use our smartphones the way we want that we start paying […]

Data Breaches are a Real Danger – Come Prepared!

It feels like every other day we’re reading about some sort of cyber attack. Either it’s a rogue group that wants to make a political statement, or it’s someone that’s trying to expose financial data for profit. Either way, it’s a major hassle for companies and an even bigger hassle for consumers. Everyone is trying to keep their data safe, but how can you actually help in a way that gets the job done? Well, the first step is to […]

Beware of the Dark Side of Social Networking

We know that there are going to be quite a few social media junkies that are going to leave angry comments, and that’s definitely okay. But we need to let you know about the risks around cyberspace, and that means that we have to talk about social media. We use social media daily, but we try to apply security principles as much as possible. You see, security isn’t just about stolen passwords at all. It’s about getting information from plain […]

What does it take to have Strong Passwords

Password policies are a growing hot topic in the world of security online. The reason why it’s such a big deal is because when people get a hold of your password, they essentially get a hold of you. Well, the online you of course. You need to make sure that you’re looking at all of the different ways to protect yourself, but the best way to is to make strong passwords. Every system online is going to be slightly different. […]

3 Tips to Securing Your Computer

Since we’ve already talked about smartphones, we might as well go back to laptops and desktops. No matter what form factor you prefer, it’s time to think a bit more about staying safe online. If you’re using a laptop, you have the flexibility of being portable. As long as you have room to carry it, you can pretty much go anywhere with your laptop. This is a type of freedom that desktops just don’t have. However, all of that freedom […]

Cybersecurity – A Glimpse of the Future

I have studied countless articles involving cybersecurity in the 21st century, and one night, it made me start thinking about all the decisions that are being made.  What type of future will we have based on the choices now?  Here is one theory to ponder: If you think society is dependent on the Internet today, consider what will happen in ten or fifteen more years.  Several countries around the world will increase their technological growth by unbelievable numbers.  I even […]

What are Cybersecurity and Cyber Pearl Harbor?

Without getting to technical with definitions and big words, cybersecurity helps protect computers, networks, programs, and data. Did you know that the Pentagon experiences more than 10 million attacks each and every single day? The same is true for the National Nuclear Security Administration. If you lower the scale a bit and look at various states, you can expect to see over 100,000 attacks per day. How many cyber incidents do you think occur in New York City alone, let […]

Human Side of Cyber Security

In our technology-driven quest for the silver bullet it is easy to forget how important and the critical role people play in all things cyber security. If people were not behind the malicious activity on the network we wouldn’t need any security controls and countermeasures. I believe insight into human behavior is one of the best defenses we have. If we look at some of the largest enterprises in the world, they are able to use defensible technologies like firewalls, […]

A Slice of Americana and Victims of Cyber Crimes

In this report, a local news agency in Overland Park Kansas provides an update on cybsersecurity breaches and crimes that are happening in their local market. I decided to share this report because I think it highlights what is happening all across the world as well as the depth of the problem we are facing with cybersecurity and operating online via the Internet. Every facet of our personal and business lives are “online”, and even if we don’t agree or […]